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Are you wondering if natural, eco-friendly deodorants will be right for you?

The answer is – absolutely yes!

We appreciate your choices and we want to help you in the process of adapting your skin to natural, mindful care.

Let’s start with a short chemistry lesson.

A common ingredient in the production of deodorants is aluminium, which is responsible for “blocking” the sweat glands. However, there is scientific rationale to recognize the negative health effects of aluminium. The skin in the armpits is prone to micro-damages, which can be caused by shaving and chafing against the fabric of your clothes. This way, aluminium can penetrate into the deeper skin layers and accumulate there. Medical reports disturbingly show increased risk of breast cancer in users of deodorants containing this chemical compound.

For the production of our EcoSoft deodorants, we use only natural ingredients that allow your skin to breathe. Your and our planet’s health is our priority.


If you have used “popular” deodorants thus far, we will help you transition to natural care.

  1. First of all – congratulations! Your decision affects not only your body’s health, but also helps in caring for our planet.

  2. Apply EcoSoft deodorant to clean, dry skin of the armpits.

  3. You may feel a slight change in the first few days, as your clogged sweat glands begin the cleansing process. Your skin will begin to breathe freely again. If during the first few days you experience discomfort due to increased sweating, you can reapply the product during the day after gently cleansing the skin. Don’t worry, this process is a natural consequence of unblocking of the clogged glands.

  4. Remember also about the important function that sweat plays in the proper functioning of your body – it supports thermoregulation and cleanses your body of accumulated toxins. During the adaptation process, you may feel more moisture than before and that’s normal. Your body has to get used to the new form of care, but it will thank you handsomely later. Your skin will finally start to breathe. Thermoregulation and toxin secretion processes will flow more freely. The excess moisture will be absorbed by the corn starch and the arrowroot used in our deodorants. Natural essential oils will maintain a subtle, fresh scent on your skin. And all this is in harmony with the natural environmental processes that protect planet Earth, the mother of all scents.





Is this working? I don’t smell anything!”


Oh, no! Why do I suddenly smell sweat?”

This is normal. Your armpits are beginning to cleanse from the accumulated toxins, bacteria and chemicals. The cleansing phase has begun.


I don’t smell as much, but I sweat more than usually.”

Your body continues to cleanse itself, straining to get rid of toxins and bacteria. It’s normal to sweat more during this time.


I feel normal again and the smell of sweat is becoming less and less noticeable every day!”

The detox process is nearly complete. Continue to use the product to maintain this balance. The power of activated charcoal will act as daily detox for your armpits.


Thank you for joining us in caring for the future of our planet!

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